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Linda Clerget's bioenergetic paintings are a journey into nature and the imagination. With bright colors and clean shapes, these paintings transport you into a dreamlike world and invite you to contemplation. Inspired by a garden pond, this work of art combines the poetry of abstraction with the serenity of figurative touches to create a unique style. Organic colors and shapes combine to create a sense of movement and depth, while textures and layers of paint add depth. 

Linda Clerget is an internationally renowned artist with five years of experience and numerous exhibitions and art reviews under her belt. She has developed a personal technique to highlight natural and plant elements. Linda Clerget's bioenergetic paintings are a true hymn to nature and the universe, a call to contemplation, reflection and poetry. The work is varnished with a UV filter and has a hanging system. The canvas is stretched on a very good quality wooden frame. It is signed on the front and on the back. It is painted on the sides to reinforce the immersion.

Energy abstract painting "Taming the world of water"

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