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Acrylic paint


Dimensions in cm:

 73 x 92 cm 






Work sold with artist's invoice and certificate of authenticity.


Signature :

Work signed by hand on the front and back


Artwork ready to hang

Free delivery worldwide.


This painting is inspired by oriental gardens and more particularly Moroccan. The artist imagines himself in this garden, enjoying the sun and the vegetation. The work thus encourages us to reconnect, to take a break, to become one with a garden, with one's own garden. The canvas was created with acrylic on linen canvas on which a transparent gesso and thick mediums were deposited creating textures on the surface of the canvas. It is varnished and has a hanging system.


Review by Lauren Grace, curator and curator for Artrepreneur and ceramist: 'Linda's color palettes are always dreamy and whimsical, bringing an imaginative edge to everyday scenes. "

The artist Linda Clerget practices expressionist painting based on color and touch, drawing inspiration both from solid classical and impressionist bases and from modern and contemporary painting.

Linda Clerget has developed a unique style which she regularly presents in exhibitions in France and abroad. 
The canvas is varnished and ready to hang. It comes with its certificate of authenticity signed by the French artist.


Evocative and timeless, artist Linda Clerget's energetic paintings speak to our most primal self - a deep connection that the artist is keen to foster. Deeply spiritual and intimate, the paintings are more than beautiful landscapes and abstract gestures. They are an integral part of the artist's personal journey and are the expression of his quest for truth, beauty and meaning in a world that often seems chaotic and cruel.

"In any case, I believe it is a deep motivation and ambition. I think art allows us to show another world, a deeper, timeless world, which vibrates infinite strings in our minds. Like shamans, I believe in the idea that our sleep, our intuitions and our creations all reveal strange, fascinating, mysterious things about life and its origins. I have no precise definition, and I am not looking for one. not. This is why I love painting: I am able to reveal this feeling and communicate it subtly to others without them knowing it consciously."
Excerpt from Kate Kelly's interview for the Artpreneur journal - 2023

Dream of a Moroccan garden

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