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"Discover a world where abstract landscapes and vibrant blooms merge in a dance of color and shape, capturing the very essence of life. Immerse yourself in scenes where organic forms intertwine with the majesty of natural vistas, inviting to escape and contemplation. Let yourself be carried away by the softness of the nuances and the fluidity of the lines, offering a visual symphony that celebrates the infinite beauty of our environment.


Discover the artist
Linda Clerget

In the captivating world of Linda Clerget, landscapes and floral abstractions come together to create a symphony of colors and emotions. Inspired by the wild beauty of nature and the poetry of great authors, Linda draws her inspiration from the dance of trees and the delicate harmony of plants. Each canvas is an invitation to a sensory journey where the subtle nuances of the leaves and the dancing shadows become stories to tell. Explore his artistic universe and let yourself be carried away by the magic of his creations, where each brushstroke captures the very essence of organic life.

Having exhibited in New York, Paris and London, Linda Clerget encourages contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us, capturing the vitality of nature through colorful and dynamic compositions.

Re-Kiss the Tao - Linda Bachammar.jpg

Mesmerizing Horizons

Discover a captivating collection of landscapes that will transport you to distant lands, where nature expresses itself in all its splendor and magic


Floral portfolio

Explore the floral portfolio: a captivating fusion of flowers and plants on abstract backgrounds. Immerse yourself in a world where nature meets abstract art, for a unique and inspiring visual experience.


Dolce Vita Portfolio

Explore the Dolce Vita portfolio where exotic landscapes and moments of happiness mingle. Relax in heavenly settings and share the joy of sporting activities under the bright sun. An invitation to escape and the sweetness of life.


Artistic Exploration

Immerse yourself in an ocean of creativity with my online galleries. Discover a diverse collection of works that captivate the soul and awaken the senses. Click here to start your artistic journey.


Live Paintings

Access live painting videos! Whether in the forest, in my studio, on my terrace or outdoors, immerse yourself in live artistic action

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Media Coverage

Dive into the media section for a dose of inspiration and behind the scenes, where I share my artistic adventures through articles, interviews and other media nuggets! 🎨📰



“I love this painting! The colors are so bright, it’s a very “happy” work of art!”


My recent purchase “Sunset in La Rochelle” turned out to be a very pleasant experience in every way. Linda Clerget was friendly and responsive, and the painting was shipped with the greatest care. Her use of color is striking, and I look forward to enjoying this painting in my home for years to come!


I love Linda's work and I absolutely needed this work. She is an accomplished Neo-Impressionist artist who uses a calming palette to paint and I am so pleased with the painting (the photos don't do it justice) that it now hangs in a prime location where I can see it every days. Additionally, the artwork was well packaged and arrived as expected. I couldn't be happier. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Thanks Linda!



Merci pour votre envoi !

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