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"Discover a world of inner journeys
which are available outdoors. "


Discover the artist
Linda Clerget

Linda Clerget develops a personal style characterized by an expressive approach and a rich use of color.

His paintings, whether landscapes or portraits, intensely capture the essence of their subjects, demonstrating his desire to capture the complexity of the human experience.

Clerget demonstrates great technical mastery, combining a spontaneous touch and dynamic composition to translate the emotion and vibrance of his subjects.

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Healing Landscapes Portfolio

What if healing in a world of anxiety

passed through the landscape?

The love of literature and cinema inspires the artist who enjoys painting large landscapes, places where we dream of new scenes that each spectator can invent. Immerse yourself in infinite horizons where light and color blend into a soothing symphony, inviting contemplation and serenity.


Dolce Vita Portfolio

Explore the Dolce Vita portfolio where the prodagonists are the moments of everyday happiness. An invitation to escape and the sweetness of life.


Floral Abstractions

Discover a selection of floral works on canvas created by Linda Clerget.



Discover the works on artisanal watercolor paper created in gouache by the artist.


Find the works of Linda Clerget

in gallery and online!

Linda Clerget is represented in London by the DegreeArt gallery where she exhibits regularly.

Linda's works are also available online on the design and luxury site 1stDibs.



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