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“La Dolce Vita” French style from Fontainebleau

“Leave to stay better, travel to survive inner tumults, share and laugh to make wounds blossom.”


Born in 1985 in Paris, Linda Clerget fell under the spell of the overflowing energy of the Parisian streets, but it is in nature that her soul truly finds its refuge, notably in the family country house near Fontainebleau, a region in which she will later choose to live.

Her thirst for culture and creativity led her to assiduously frequent the books and museums of the capital throughout her youth before traveling extensively as a journalist, curious to discover others, elsewhere. But the need to create and turn to the intimate pushes her to question an artistic career.

After exploring various forms of expression (photography, writing, music), Linda finally finds fulfillment in painting, where she can fully express her passion for color, texture, sensation and drawing.

Trained in Paris at the Terre et Feu school and then nourished by the teachings of American impressionist masters like Ben Fenske, Linda enriches her knowledge and refines her style, mixing impressionist techniques with a modern interpretation.

A traveler at heart, Linda is now exploring France in search of natural and picturesque nuggets which will serve as a starting point for painting landscapes that the artist sees as open doors to fantasized and sensory worlds in the service of dreams personal of the viewer.

An Artist Established Near the Forest of Fontainebleau

Today, Linda Clerget practices her passion from her home studio in Thomery, near the forest of Fontainebleau, the village where Rosa Bonheur was established. With the wish to present a modern and poetic approach to painting, Linda regularly exhibits in London and Paris, where she shares her love for art.

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