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Fauvist Vibrations: The Art of Linda Clerget and the Dolce Vita from Fontainebleau

"In the dance of the leaves caressed by the wind, I find my refuge. Between the shadows of the trees and the bursts of light on the water, my soul recharges its batteries. My brush captures this natural symphony, where each painting is a letter of 'love to the wild beauty of the world.'


A Bewitching Journey Through Landscapes and Floral Abstractions

Born in 1985 in Paris, Linda Clerget fell under the spell of the vibrant colors and boundless energy of the Parisian streets, but it is in nature that her soul truly finds its refuge. Inspired by the masterpieces of the Fauvist movement from a young age, Linda immersed herself in the magic of landscapes and flowers, thus fueling her passion for painting.

A Quest for Knowledge and Creativity

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and creativity leads her to explore the vast expanses of landscapes, study the subtle nuances of wildflowers and capture the majesty of trees in her canvases. Linda immerses herself in books and museums, drawing inspiration from the poetry of Victor Hugo and classic literature, but it is in the vast expanses of greenery and lush gardens that she draws her deepest inspiration.

Artistic Diversity and Engagement

After exploring various forms of artistic expression, Linda ultimately found fulfillment in painting, where she could fully express her passion for mesmerizing landscapes and floral abstractions. Guided by her love for nature and her commitment to its preservation, her paintings become hymns to the wild beauty of the world.

Training and Expansion of the Artistic Horizon

Trained in Paris and nourished by the teachings of American masters, Linda enriched her knowledge and refined her style, skillfully mixing impressionist techniques with her modern interpretation of Fauvism. Each brushstroke is a declaration of love to nature, a celebration of its infinite splendor.

Travel and Escape through Art

A traveler at heart, Linda explores the world through her paintings, inviting the viewer on a sensory journey to the heart of nature. Each painting is an open door to unsuspected worlds, escapes into distant landscapes where peace and serenity reign.

An Artist Established Near the Forest of Fontainebleau

Today, Linda Clerget exercises her talent from her home studio in Thomery, near the Fontainebleau forest, where she finds inspiration and wonder in the murmurs of the trees and the gentleness of the spring breezes. With her modern and innovative approach, she continues to capture the magic of landscapes and floral abstractions, providing the world with windows to the beauty and harmony of nature. Linda exhibits regularly in London and Paris, where she shares her love for art with an ever-growing audience .

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