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The works by Linda Bachammar Clerget displayed in this catalogue feature some mixed techniques. In fact, the artist tries to get some particular chromatic effects, which could unlikely be conveyed by using only one kind of pigments. In her first two works, In the distance and This cloud above our heads, the transparency effects of watercolours are the ideal base to emphasize the careful texture of lines obtained through the skillful and nearly calligraphic use of Indian Ink, which clearly hints at Japanese art. This chromatic contrast creates the inner/outer dialectics, which characterizes the two works, whose common theme is the desire for transcendence and harmony. It can only be realized through a relationship of communion with nature, which helps overcome the limits imposed by existence. In the first work, a thick tangle of vegetation nearly frames the landscape, so it largely prevents the viewer from seeing it. In the second work, it seems that a big violet cloud blocks any possible leap to the sky. Finally, this situation of tension ends in I burn, as the artist identifies herself with a tree which desperately stretches out its blazing branches to the sky, in a crescendo of dramatic tension, from the bottom to the top. This is eminently expressed by the violent blast of deep and substantial red colour, which progressively invades the upper part of the canvas. In this process of progressive spiritualization, which from the early vision of reality gets to the heart of things, the representation itself can only end in abstraction. 

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