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Artistic approach

“Capturing the Energy of Nature and the Spirituality of Joy”


My artistic approach is a reflection of my deep aspiration to capture the bubbling energy of nature, to connect to joy as a form of spirituality, and to create paintings that transport viewers into moments of contemplation. These works feature natural spaces or humans immersed in a lost and fantasized nature.

My art seeks to capture the vitality and joy that emanate from nature. 

The cycles of the seasons, the rustling of the trees and the changing hues of the sky are all sources of inspiration. My goal is to trace this natural energy, to translate it spontaneously onto the canvas and to invite viewers to feel this vitality.

The spontaneity of my artistic touch is an essential element of my creative process. I feel an urgency to paint, a necessity to balance the world through my art, to capture the essence of nature with a vividness and freshness that transcends artistic conventions.

Contemplation plays a central role in my approach. I want to immerse viewers in moments of peaceful reflection, so they can connect to universal experiences. My art seeks to touch on timelessness by exploring the eternal beauties of our world, capturing moments that transcend time and space.

At the same time, some of my paintings feature humans, lost in a fantasized nature. These works embody the idea of escape, the exploration of unknown territories, and communion with a dreamed nature, thus offering an experience of enriching and immersive contemplation.

My artistic process is a meditative act, a communion with nature, joy and contemplation. I abandon myself to this creative energy, letting my brush dance spontaneously on the canvas to translate the wonder I feel about life.

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