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Arboreal Odyssey: The Neo-Impressionist and Vibrant Harmony of the Fontainebleau Forest


Immerse yourself in the heart of the majestic Fontainebleau Forest through the neo-impressionist paintings of an extraordinary artist, Linda Clerget. Based in Thomery, France, Linda brings a unique artistic perspective to this series, which she calls “Odyssey Arboressante”.

Linda begins each work in this series with a total immersion in nature. Solitary, she lost herself in the depths of the Fontainebleau Forest, letting each tree and each ray of light nourish her artistic soul. On site, she creates a watercolor and pastel sketch, capturing the very essence of this enchanting environment.

This is the starting point of his creative journey.

Returning to her studio, she transposes this unique experience onto canvas using acrylic. What sets Linda's work apart is her sensitive way of exploring colors. It detaches itself from realism to embrace the liveliness and emotion of colors. His paintings are an explosion of color, a visual symphony that transports the viewer into a world where nature is revealed in all its abstract splendor.

Explore the series “Odyssey arboressante” by Linda Clerget, where the Forest of Fontainebleau becomes a dreamlike landscape, vibrant with colors and emotions. It is an artistic experience that transports you beyond the limits of reality, to a world where nature is expressed in pure hues and sensations.

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